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 MAKOM’s vast network is embedded within Israel’s social fabric throughout the country, so it provides on the ground support where it is most needed to ensure the growth and success of the individual communities, and periphery as a whole.


The strategic investment in human capital is building a new movement of 21st century pioneers that address the needs of growing communities, and meet the challenges necessary to ensure a thriving future, today.  MAKOM’s strategic areas of activities include formal and informal educational programming, youth engagement, strengthening diverse cultural identity, supporting Jewish values within communities, art and cultural programming, young leadership and much more.



Strong, vibrant communities are the backbone of any society.  Israel’s social and geographic periphery offers a sustainable alternative growth model to the increasingly crowded and overpriced central region, but the difficulties of developing these areas can only be overcome through the investment in human capital.  Community building is a fundamental factor in turning the periphery into a center of innovation and renewal.


Through the support of local community development, MAKOM is working to overcome isolation and limited opportunity that can be dominant in these peripheral communities.  MAKOM’s network of social activities create programs to promote a sense of belonging and raise the quality of life for local residents, while making these areas more attractive to new residents relocating from the center.  Community programming, co-living opportunities, strengthening municipal relations and establishing national collaborative networks are just some of the ways that MAKOM’s vast network is helping to reinvision a grassroots sustainable growth model to help build a stronger future for all Israelis.  

There is an intangible connection between Judaism and the Land of Israel, felt by many who call Israel home, whether they reside within the country or around the world.  For many Jewish-Israelis living in the periphery, religious identity and the Zionist pioneering spirit go hand in hand, providing a mission driven ideology to settle the Land of Israel. 

Jewish identity is critical to preserving and promoting Jewish culture and tradition, which MAKOM believes can serve as an anchor that connects individuals to their community. By fostering a deep understanding of Jewish history, culture, and values, MAKOM hopes to inspire a sense of pride and connection among Israelis, regardless of their level of religious observance. 


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The investment in the next generation and promoting social responsibility among today’s youth is one of the most impactful ways to ensure strong future leadership. MAKOM is giving the tools to Israel’s youth to realize their own potential to actively participate in the development of Israel as a nation, across all religious and ethnic sectors.  


Through volunteer and leadership training programs, MAKOM’s network helps young people develop the skills and knowledge needed to become effective leaders and change-makers in their communities.


By realizing the importance of the investment in the next generation, MAKOM fosters a sense of pride and engagement among young Israelis, and is inspiring them to play an active role in the future of Israel as a nation.


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Arts and culture has played a pinnacle role in society throughout history.  It helps connect people to each other, provide a medium for expression and understanding, as well as a center for community growth. For millions of Israelis and tourists from around the world, Tel Aviv has emerged an international hub for theater, music, galleries and exhibitions, but arts and culture should not just be limited to Israel’s urban center. 


The arts have the ability to become a catalyst for community growth all over the country and together with many of Israeli artists and grassroots communities, MAKOM has transformed public spaces into cultural happenings, helped beautify community spaces that have fallen into disrepair and have supported more small businesses owned by local artisans, production companies and recording studios.


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With over 1 million people over the age of 65 in Israel, MAKOM’s robust network throughout the country has made it pivotal in helping to support and continue to stimulate Israel’s third generation residents.  Many Israeli senior citizens suffer from loneliness, lack of stimulation, or accessibility to basic needs, such as food and medicine.  MAKOM understands that social entrepreneurship is not just about building future generation, but continuing to care for Israel’s aging population from within the community.


MAKOM communities operate local programming and engagement nationwide, bridging the gap between generations and supporting the essential needs of many elderly who do not have the opportunity to get support from other family members.  These activities increase interaction and provide meaning and a sense of purpose for this age group, while creating friendships and connection to those that are lonely and vulnerable.


The investment in elderly care has resulted in a decrease in the general feelings of loneliness, loss of significance and has become a major source of support, staying active and giving a sense of belonging, being productive, and becoming a community within a community, this is a way of strengthening the overall community.


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